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Our job here at Niela Hussain Training Academy is more than just education babe! Yes, we are here to teach a you a skill, pass on knowledge and help you leave with confidence! But our mission is bigger! We are here to motivate you to be the best you can be, realise your worth and unlock all that potential hunni, so that you can elevate to higher heights and build a dream career!




Niela Hussain training academy was created to help people learn a new skill that can change their lives and their income. Gaining a skillset for me as a young mum, allowed me to go onto work for myself and build a business which allowed me more time for my children, family and other commitments. It has enabled me to grow at my own pace and expand.  The hair and beauty industry is an ever expanding industry and the best one to be in! I want people to be happy in what they do, build a thriving business and earn what they are worth! My goal as a tutor is so much more than just teaching a skill, I want to help people open up their mind to the unlimited possibilities that are there for them, if they just dare to dream!  

Are you ready to take your dreams and make them a reality?
Our fast track accelerated learning courses will take you from a beginner to industry ready. We aim to equip every single student with not only a skill but mentor them on how to set up their business, advertise effectively and build them into confident industry leading bosses!

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Here at Niela Hussain Training Academy we know that learning the skill is never enough and so much more goes into getting a business up and running, which is why, we are now offering mentorship programmes to help you set up a thriving business. Having a mentor means that you have someone working closely with you to keep you on track and help you tick off goals along the way. No other academy offers mentorship where they teach you business, mindset, social media, marketing and so much more! Our mentorships are in depth and require you to put the work in! We can tell you how to do it but with out the effort on your side it will never happen. So if you are committed to building a great business and would like mentorship please get in touch! We offer 1-1 hourly sessions all the way to two years mentorship helping businesses get over the first year hurdle. 

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We are expanding and looking for educators!!

If you are passionate about the industry and would like to pass skills and knowledge onto other enthusiasts then we are looking for you! All you need to have is the relevant qualifications (we are willing to offer further education), a teaching certificate and a small space to teach the courses! If you offer other treatments such as nails, eyebrows, beauty and would like to expand into teaching we would love to have a chat with you about teaching these courses for our academy! If this has sparked your interest and you would like to discuss this more then drop us an email on: info@nielahussaintrainingacademy.co.uk



We are based in Wakefield, with other locations across the UK.