Re program your mind!

Re program your mind!

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Hey quarantine Queens, I’m back again and today I want to help you to become more positive, have a mind that empowers you and one that doesn’t make you feel depressed or anxious. Have a different outlook on life lets say! I feel this is needed now more than ever.

With everything going on with Covid-19, a lot of us are stuck inside with little to do, people to see, motion and energy we become consumed in our own negative thoughts! Sat thinking about how we would have done life differently, how circumstances that wasn’t good for us got us to where we are today, how its our sisters, brothers dog’s fault that we are stuck inside. LOL. No but on a serious note thinking deep into life, but, in a negative way that isn’t good for mental health. And this certainly isn’t a time to be contributing to mental health. We need to be feeling uplifted, empowered, high vibing and reflecting in the most positive way.

So, whilst we have time we may as well dive into some new up lifting subconscious programming to help you become an upgraded version of yourself! Yes! I got you queen.

Now i know your all thinking how can I change my subconscious programming? This will take years! (and indeed it will, this is just the beginning) I don’t have time and the rest of it. But we do have time, right about now the only thing we have is time. And to create a new habit it only takes doing the same thing for 60 day’s to make it become apart of your programming. Now these are things that you can do even if ‘normal’ life does resume any time soon. So, please, no excuses! If you really want to change your negative thoughts it all starts with you!

In life the way we are programmed, our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, most of the time isn’t our fault and you can continue to put the blame on whoever it may be but as a responsible adult it is your responsibility to change your negative, self destructive ways of thinking. Just saying babe. I don’t want to beat around the bush, i want to be straight up with you. We’re adults, we can take it. To be honest the journey to re programming the subconscious mind is like looking in the mirror and saying ‘it’s been you all along, your the person I long for, your the person I need to love, your the person I need to empower and i’m sorry hun but your the one that’s been holding me back, so lets do the damn thing!’ Or something like that! It’s a realisation that it’s all inside of you, it’s down to you to do it and do it for you! And in order for you to live a more fulfilling life, a more empowered life you must go internal!

Right, What we need to focus on is the things you think and feel. If you want to get the most from this blog, grab a pen and paper and begin to dig. I need you to answer these completely honestly. It may hurt, it may take you back to emotions you do not want to feel but you need to feel them to release them. Seeing them written down helps you be in control of them.

What thought’s do you think on a daily basis that make you feel sad, upset, depressed? Where do your thoughts stem from? Why do you speak about yourself so negatively? Has someone else said those things to you? Has someone else beat you down? Why do your negative thoughts consume so much of your mind? How was your childhood? How was your teenage years? Have your jobs been fulfilling? Why do you lack confidence? Why do you not pursue your dreams?

This isn’t a reflection of you, it is a reflection of another person with internal issues. So no matter what your mind says to you, you need to understand it is not who you are! Unless YOU choose to accept it. You have the power to accept thoughts you love and dismiss thoughts that you don’t want to hear anymore. YES, you are in control.

When you feel these thoughts creep in you need to dismiss it with a empowering thought. Think of happy times, someone who you love, a time or place that makes you feel alive and get rid of the thought that doesn’t serve you. I know this sounds bizarre but trust me it works.

Other practices I would like you to try daily for at least 4 weeks are;

  • 5-10 minutes meditation every night or morning or both if you can. Once you are used to meditating you can go deeper and do it for longer. This helps to clear your mind of any thoughts. Gives your mind a rest from the 80,000 thoughts per day that cross your mind. This also helps you to tune into your highest self. Your truest self. It helps you to release anger, anxiety, depression and helps you to respond to situations a lot better.
  • I am affirmations. This is my favourite thing to do. They are so empowering and really help to shift bad thoughts. You can do this so many ways, so many times during the day. You can listen to these whilst you sleep in headphones to help really go into the subconscious mind. You can listen to them in the car on any journey – choose these over the radio. You can listen while you cook, clean, bath etc. Anytime. These will help you to become more empowered, realise who you really are and speak happiness, health, love and abundance into your life and mind.
  • Gratitude diary – Write everything you are grateful for on a daily basis. This helps you become more thankful for the little things. When you become thankful you realise life isn’t that bad. This trains your mind to see the good rather than focusing on the bad.
  • Say your thank you’s. Every morning say 10 things your thankful for, this can be anything your thankful for. This will help you to shift your mood to gratitude and start your day on a positive uplifting way. It doesn’t matter if you wake up and feel rubbish, say your thank you’s, your mood will shift. Then say them on a night too! This will help you go to sleep on positive thoughts rather than negative feelings if your day didn’t go to plan. Again your going to sleep grateful not hateful!
  • Stop watching negative TV programs, the news, listening to the media or been overly consumed in social media. Especially first thing on a morning or last thing on a night as this will set your tone for the day. You have to remember the media, all the above in this section are there to keep you consumed in other peoples life’s, this makes you feel fear, hate, jealous, exactly the opposite of how we want to feel! Give yourself breaks from social media.
  • Plan you days in advance to help productivity. When you wake up with plans you feel fulfilled and like things are getting done. Never just wing it on your days as this can lead us to do nothing but become consumed in thoughts.
  • Go outside regular and exercise- The body in motion = emotion. This activates endorphin’s which make us feel good, productive, happy and fulfilled.


These are a few tools to help you on a journey of reprogramming the subconscious mind. I am not an expert im re programming your mind but I have been on this journey for many years now and I must admit I am more positive, uplifted, energised and I do not allow thoughts into my mind unless they are empowering me to be the best version of myself. I am not say this will cure deep depression or bad anxiety but it will certainly ease it.

I would love you all to try it and give me some feedback on your thoughts and feelings after trying some of the techniques. If you want to answer the questions and email me some stuff across I will help as much as I can. COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. I am here to help people on their journey whilst I am on my journey too.


You can also reach out to my sister, Niesha, who is a chakra healing coach. She can also help assist on a deeper level. She is an expert in what she does and will help you dig even deeper.

Her page is Alignment on Facebook.



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