It all starts with you!

It all starts with you!

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Hey hey hey! Welcome to my blog! I have so much to say so I thought what better way to get it out than on a personal blog! I used to write on my other website but I stopped for a while, so I am excited to express myself on her for all you lovelies.

So what do I mean when I say it all starts with you? We live in a world that is evolving at rapid speed. People around us are realising their potential and understanding that they create their own life. This is amazing and I want everyone to find this with in themselves. You could have the most amazing idea that could catapult you to success but with out confidence, drive and determination it will just stay an ‘amazing idea’. Not many people think the possible is possible for them. They are so stuck in a job they don’t like and cant see a way out unless it is getting another job for another company not realising this is a vicious cycle that they will be fighting all their life. Alot of people do not pursue their lifes potential because of fear of failure. Im here to tell you fear is only as real as you allow it to be! Feel that fear and do it anyway!!

We are taught from a young age, school years to be exact to just become good workers. They never teach us how to carry an idea forward, how to set ourselves up for success, they only teach us to think and be the same as everyone else. Once we finish school we are supposed to study, get a job, earn an income and live hand to mouth barely surviving. Im here to tell you you can achieve anything you want in life and it all starts with in you.

When I used to work for someone else I was barely getting by. Once my bills were paid, food bought ect I had nothing left to actually live a little off of. I was so stuck working for someone I disliked! Working long hours to pay my bills, feed my children and I initially thought I can not leave this job unless I get a better one. So I was always looking for something external to make my situation better! I always knew I wanted to work for myself but becoming a mum at 19 and a mum of 2 young children at 21 I thought that’s out of the window now. I was losing so much precious time with my children thinking this was the only way to live, this was all I had known and seen around me. I was an amazing stylist doing my best for a women who barely seen my worth! In fact, she told me ‘you should be happy I am paying you a wage’. Them words will always stick with me! Lets say I have worked for a fair few people who didn’t see my full potential and seen me as a worker bee earning them income and very much beneath them! Truth is I stuck around out of ‘fear’.

One day I just felt different, after reading a book called The Secret I understood that I was allowing this life and I am actually in control of my own life. I don’t know, something just clicked. I was in a sink or swim mentality. I had no clients but I quit my job to become self employed. It was so surreal now promoting myself and this business that was made over night. Booking people in and setting my own schedule. Everyday I didn’t need to go to work because i had no clients in felt super strange! I wasn’t working now because I was told I had to I was working as and when I felt like it, working around my children which was my main aim and earning double if not triple per hour. I still had confidence issues, money blockages and wasn’t very empowered and that’s when I went internal and really started my self discovery journey that built me into the person I am to day. Im not going to go on about myself too much but fast forward only 5 years and I have maintained my own lifestyle self sufficiently working for myself and no1 else. I have ran a self employed hair and beauty business, built an online advertising platform, built a successful academy teaching beautiful souls a new skill and I am on my way to becoming a business and mindset coach.

So what changed? I would say it was my subconscious programming. I built myself up with daily affirmations, meditations, surrounding myself with the correct people, reading books and most of all I trusted myself and my judgement 100 million percent. I now know the power is inside of me to turn my thoughts/ideas into reality. Nothing is ever going to be a over night success but with hard work, dedication to your dreams and a little work each day it all works out for the better. I no longer let fear stop me from doing anything. In fact I challenge fear, if I am feeling fearful I think I must be onto something great! I don’t let my emotions react for me, I don’t allow my mind to think for me. I am fully in control of my mind which has took years to master.

To change your external life you must change your internal programming!

You can too! Decide what you want to achieve, Believe that it is possible for you with all your heart, work on it daily and do not stop untill its manifested into your reality! An effective way to change your life! It starts with belief in yourself and if you lack in this area you need to really work on it. You have to be honest with yourself, whats holding you back, what do you want from life, what resources do you have to make this possible and you need to plan plan plan! Alot of people quit because it gets hard! When things get hard that means your about to clock this level and level up babes! Hardship makes the best people. You have to do is look at all the great people you admire and look up to and remember they was once in your position, their idea was once just a thought the only difference is they made it happen. Now ask yourself, Are you going to make it happen?

Lots of love and light

Niela <3



I started my career very young learning how to do weave hair extensions whilst still in high school. This urged me to go on to gain hairdressing qualifications up to level 3. My whole career consisted of me working in salons until four years ago when I decided to take the plunge and run my own business offering mobile hair appointments. Through out my 10 year career I have undergone further education gaining five methods of hair extension qualifications, eyelash treatment qualifications , makeup qualifications, teaching and assessing qualifications. I am ready to help other enthusiasts become great hair extension technicians and motivate them to reach their goals. My training courses are here to teach you a skill for life, one in which you can run your own successful business and become the boss of your own destiny. I am positive and encouraging and I can wait to meet you all on my upcoming courses!