Mentorship programme

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If you are reading this, you are serious about getting your business off the ground! However, it is completely new to you and out of your comfort zone!

A lot of the time we want to see our dreams through but the fear of ploughing ahead makes us second guess our own wants and desires. We often look at life like ‘ I cant do that’, ‘I don’t know how to do that’, ‘this is going to take forever’ and ‘where do I even start’.

I remember feeling like this! Been so overwhelmed with so much to do to get my business off the ground. I always felt like a good life wasn’t destined for me until I actually had the courage to take the leap and believe in me! I went from working in salons to running a successful self employed mobile business which started with zero clientele to launching & building my academy. It was hard work and a lot of daily work. I had to make so many mistakes and learn so much to get to where I am, but, I wouldn’t change the journey not one bit and I still have a long way to go. I remember working in salons and thinking I wasn’t destined to earn good money or even be happy lol but once I changed my mind and committed myself to my own dreams things slowly changed.

One thing I learnt was patience!

I never dreamed I would be in the position today to be qualifying people into the industry and mentoring them to their own success! But as the saying goes ‘dream big’!

I decided to launch my own mentorship programmes because I feel like a 1-2 day courses aren’t as beneficial as if I was to mentor you to actually getting something up, running and thriving! This is where my knowledge is and one of the main reasons why I decided to go into teaching. It wasn’t just for running quick courses, my passion was always changing peoples lives.

So many people do a course with high hopes of changing their life but when it gets tough and no one is responding to the advertising they get disheartened and quit. Some people do not even go on to utilise the skill they have paid to learn because it gets hard & queit. You have to remember when you commit to starting a business it is a constant investment from your side to make that business grow. You can not expect to do a day course and be set up with a thriving business. It requires daily action, daily motivation, daily learning, daily mindset training and a lot more. It isn’t a now and again type of thing!

Knowing that with the correct guidance and support you can have the business of your dreams makes me so happy because I know it can be done because I don’t it myself.

So what are our mentorship programmes?

We have a 1 year mentorship programme and a 2 year mentorship programme available

Our programmes include –

  • Getting your business registered for self employed
  • Deciding what your goals are for the duration
  • Putting goals into action
  • Branding your business
  • Social media set up & linked
  • Working on models first
  • Photoshoots/ portfolio build up
  • Pricing up and structuring your services correctly
  • Attracting clientele
  • Retaining and rebooking clientele
  • Marketing materials
  • Following up with clients
  • Full Facebook training
  • Full Instagram Training
  • Knowing which App’s to use for pictures
  • Content creating
  • Knowing how much you want to earn & planning/breaking it down
  • Book keeping
  • Preparing for tax returns
  • Customer service
  • Creating lasting relationships with clients
  • Mindset training/ changing your mindset/ Growth mindset

And so much more.

Our mentorship is to effectively help you build a growth mindset, know when to put the work in and when to take a break. To know what is holding you back and how to push past them negative thoughts that tell you can achieve it. It’s here to have someone to hold you accountable for building your business. It is having someone to call or text and say please can you just check this post. Sometimes running a business is very lonely because nobody understands the strain it has when your doing it alone.

But always remember I can teach you all I can but without COMMITMENT from you it will never grow!

The question is… are you committed?

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Price is for 1 year – 2 year programmes can be discussed.