Mentorship – beauty business start up

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Are you ready for the ultimate business experience?

Starting a business can be so daunting and knowing that you only have yourself to push you makes you feel so alone! I know this because I have been in that position! I have done multiple qualifications, courses and never had any support after to know how to grow something from it! I have had to learn all this by myself, but I did it and I am proud.

I have been on so many courses in my career and I still continue to invest in myself to become the best I can. What I have noticed with courses is that you go and do the qualification and then you don’t have any level of support afterwards in fact I have never heard from them again unless its a spammy email upselling. No academy tells you how lonely the journey is of trying to build something, how nobody around you fully supports you, all the stepping stones you need to take to actually make something of it and how many times you will actually feel like throwing in the towel! No one is taught the work that goes into setting good foundations for their new ventures!

I never wanted to be your bog standard academy get them in and get them out. I have always offered after support 24/7 via watts app but I want to go above and beyond with the support I provide. I want to plunge into helping my students become the best version of themselves and take them on the true journey of what it takes to build & sustain a business that can help you go forward with life on your own terms.

This is why I have put together ‘The ultimate business start up’ together,

A combo of courses and mentorship to take you from a novice to running a successful start up business.

Now you are no longer alone and you have someone on your team who has done what you are trying to do. Who can help you implement all the same strategies into your business to get you started and growing.

A lot of people do courses without really knowing what it takes to build the foundation of that business and keep it going and growing! A lot get disheartened and quit and some just plod along with out a strategy.

With this…

Your in control you decide what you want to earn & what hours you wish to work

Then together we make this happen.

I know your wondering what is this all about, well, we are offering

  • Classic lash & russian lash course, or,
  • Eyelash extension course & 3 method hair extension course

Along with 2 whole years of mentorship to get you equipt for running a business that is as successfull as you wish it to be. Upto 384 hours mentorship!!

I want 2 years with you so I can assist you to building a strong foundation for your future success so your business runs for many years to come and is scalable! Remember businesses take time to build and a lot of them don’t make it through year 1, I’m going to take you past that hurdle!

I have been able to build a self employed business that has ran way more successfully than I ever expected to then go on to build & run my amazing academy. I build these businesses under my own definition of how I wanted my life to look. Work around my children and my home life for balance and freedom. Along my years of working for myself I have learnt so much because I commit myself to learn and I am still learning to keep growing. I have many years experience in social media management, building a clientele, retaining clientele, using fb ads for lead generation, editing websites, connecting with your auidence and much more.

Just imagine what I can teach you in 2 years for you to implement into your business to build it around your current life. Wether it is working around children or alongside a fulltime job I can equipt you with systems to help manage your business correct so you dont go into a mind overload and exhaust yourself in the process!

I know that the dream is achievable because I have built it. I was in your shoes but I had no body assisting me, so, it pushed me to learn, learn and learn. Im now ready to pass this onto you!

You dont need to make the mistakes I made to set your foundations instead your going to strive forward ticking off them goals along the way.

By the end of the 2 years you will be so quipt with knowledge and strong foundations beneath you, your business will go from strength to strength.

But remeber the dream doesn’t work unless you do!!

So the question is… Are you ready?

It will be intense, I will be holding you accountable for everything, I will change your mindset and your life along the way.

Get in touch to discuss our ‘ultimate business start up’.