Start a career in hair & beauty

Start a career in hair & beauty

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Hey hun’s, I am back with another blog. Today I want to speak my passion on getting into the hair and beauty industry! Even before I became a hair and beauty tutor I used to tell everyone who was unhappy with their jobs or lifestyles to pursue a career in this industry. A lot of people listened and now have either a full blown business or they have a side hustle that they work at part time for extra income every month.

The hair and beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industries, worth millions, almost billions! A lot of people say to me but the industry is so saturated with new people popping up all the time how can I make an impact! To me a saturated industry means that the demand is so high and there’s a lot of people out their wanting these professional services. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so, you will attract your own clientele that will come to you because they like you and your style of work.

This industry is almost recession proof meaning that no matter the situation (except covid-19- where we all need to stay at home) people will always want and need hair and beauty services.

The industry used to be looked down on with people saying the industry was for the uneducated of the world. And now hair and beauty professionals, when done right, are earning more than most people. The potential for growth is massive and super expandable. No one is viewing hair and beauty as a luxury service as it used to be, now, people get their hair and makeup done for a standard night out with the girls.

A lot of people are going to work and are really unhappy and that’s not how life should feel! There’s so many young mums, single mums and stay at home mums out there that feel lost and unable to provide for their children how they would like to. The hair and beauty industry is one of the easiest industries to get into and one for growth! Rather than going to college and spending 3 years getting a qualification like it used to be 10 years ago, there are amazing academies out their offering fast track 1 day courses for you to get your foot in the door to an amazing career. Many places now offer finance on courses to meaning you can book the course and pay it off at an affordable rate for yourself. There are so many options!

I am going to give you 5 reasons why you should start a business in the hair and beauty industry to move away from a unhappy career or a lifestyle your fed up with! Be assured it isn’t for everyone and you should only go into any industry that your passionate about. If there’s no passion you won’t be working to the best of your ability and will become bored and fed up very easily. Passion over pay is what I say.

Reason 1- You give yourself purpose! When you do something your passionate about for yourself you give yourself purpose. With in any paid job there is hardly any passion there! You go in, you do your job and you go home at the end of the day and forget about work until your next shift. When you start a business for yourself the passion sparks you to work harder than before. To focus on building something for yourself that your in control of and that no body can take away from you. Working for someone else you are making their dreams a reality and making them more successful. So, if you are doing it for yourself, you are making your dreams a reality and making you more successful!

Reason 2- You choose who you work for, when you work and meet some amazing people. The great thing about running your own business is that you can pick and choose who you decide to work on. You meet clients for the first time and they become such a big part of your life, seeing them on a regular basis and getting to know them more. Been a self employed professional also means you can choose when you work so if you have children you can work around school runs. Not many paid jobs give you this type of flexibility so your folking out your hard earned money on childcare.

Reason 3- You earn more money! Although money shouldn’t be the driving force for your business it is inevitable that we all need money to survive. When you work for yourself the money you make per hour is a lot more because you are the one getting 100% of that money not a hourly rate. So, this means, you can work less hours and still make really good money. Or, you can work more hours and exceed your earning! You are in control, you get to decide the hours you work and the money you make! Amazing right!!??!

Reason 4- Work along side another paid job. This doesn’t have to be your full time job. I am not saying quit your job and begin to pursue something else. The amazing thing about starting a side hustle means that you can do it after your regular job, evenings and weekends to build your clientele. When you know you have enough clientele you can leave your paid job to enter a new career. Or, you can work both and earn more to save for holidays, buying your home or other amazing things.

Reason 5- Passion! Passion should always be why you are doing something. Imagine getting up everyday and thinking Yes I am going to do something I love today. Imagine not getting up and not feeling miserable or sad but feeling positive and uplifting. Imagine the feeling of making other women feel powerful because you just slayed their hair, nails, eyelashes or makeup! It is such a beautiful feeling to see a smile on your clients face and to know that client will be your client as long as they possibly can!

This is only 5 reasons why I think you should look into pursuing a career in this industry. Follow passion and remember small steps everyday can lead to a completely different life to the one you are living.

I hope you enjoyed and this has sparked you to think about it, look into it and begin to pave your way to a passionate career.


I started my career very young learning how to do weave hair extensions whilst still in high school. This urged me to go on to gain hairdressing qualifications up to level 3. My whole career consisted of me working in salons until four years ago when I decided to take the plunge and run my own business offering mobile hair appointments. Through out my 10 year career I have undergone further education gaining five methods of hair extension qualifications, eyelash treatment qualifications , makeup qualifications, teaching and assessing qualifications. I am ready to help other enthusiasts become great hair extension technicians and motivate them to reach their goals. My training courses are here to teach you a skill for life, one in which you can run your own successful business and become the boss of your own destiny. I am positive and encouraging and I can wait to meet you all on my upcoming courses!